How much does a dog groomer cost?

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The average cost for a dog groomer is $60. You are likely to spend between $40 and $90 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated June 1st, 2017

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Dog grooming includes all manner of dog hygiene and care. Dog grooming is available for dogs of every breed, size and age, as well as those with anxiety, aggression and old age. Frequent requests for services include bath and brush, overall hair trim, complete shave, ear trim, tail trim, nail trim, toothbrushing, dematting, flea and tick removal, gland expression, and deshedding treatments. Several factors affect the cost of dog grooming services.

Breed size

Larger dogs or dogs with difficult fur may cost more for bathing and grooming services than other dogs, while smaller dogs cost less per service. For example, Houston Bay Area-based Bliss Bound Hound offers the BlissTotal dog grooming package for $130, which includes up to four hours of dog grooming services such as teeth, nails, ears, gland expression, hair cut and wash. For dogs that require more than four hours of grooming, such as English sheepdogs, dreadlocked komondors or shih tzus who need show dog cuts, each additional hour costs $40. On the other end of the spectrum, Bliss Bound Hound offers a 20 percent discount on the BlissTotal package for smaller breeds requiring less work.


Groomers may charge additional fees if a dog has aggression issues or needs special care to ensure groomer safety.


Prices may increase for mobile dog grooming services or if the groomer picks up the dog from a client’s house and drops it back off as part of the service.


Bigger cities and areas with a higher cost of living generally have higher rates for dog grooming services.

Service packages

Most dog groomers offer a la carte care services or bundled packages that result in a lower cost per service. Bliss Bound Hound offers the following a la carte and package pricing—note that all of their prices include pickup and drop off:

  • Nails: $30 a la carte or $20 when bundled with another service

  • Toothbrushing: $30 a la carte or $20 when bundled with another service

  • Tooth scraping (removal of plaque from teeth to prevent infection), with anesthesia: $600

  • Tooth scraping, without anesthesia: $400.

  • Wash and dry: $60

  • Ears: $30 a la carte or $20 when bundled with another service

  • BlissTotal: $130—includes wash, nails, teeth, ears, gland expression and hair cut


Many dog groomers reward loyal customers with discounts when they purchase services regularly. A dog wash that costs $60 as an individual service might cost $55 for a monthly customer who has an ongoing appointment.

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Recent reviews

Island Dog Mobile Grooming

what an amazing service! I knew from the minute Bryan walked in the door it would be great! My pup loved him! He was professional and did an amazing job on the haircut. With an even full shave and reasonable price at the convenience of your home I would highly recommend island dog mobile grooming!

The Happy Dog LLC - Mobile Pet Grooming

Overall I am mostly very happy with the service I received. I love being able to schedule appointments online, and they had a lot of time slots available much sooner than another mobile groomer I had used before. I am also very pleased that their grooming services start at a lower price than other mobile groomers. The groomer was very friendly, and I felt very comfortable handing my puppy off to her. I am giving 4 stars and not 5 for two reasons: first, the quote I was sent was $50 with the following disclaimer: "Our prices are primarily based on the weight of your pet; although, it's coat condition could vary some of the the listed prices based on time." The message included a link to their website with services and price estimates, and at the top of the page, it says "Final price is given once we meet you and your pet. Coat condition, size, and weight determine final price. Prices do not include sales taxes. ALL PRICES ARE SET BEFORE GROOMING BEGINS." The groomer who came asked how I wanted my dog's hair cut and did not mention anything about the price, so I assumed that meant it would be the $50 that they quoted me. However, it ended up being $55. I am not upset with how much it was, $55 is still very reasonable, I just wish that she had told me what it would be before she started so I would know what to expect. If it had been much more than that, I would not have been happy. Second, she cut slightly more off than I told her to and did not get his head quite right. I said that I wanted it round and it was more square. He still looks very good though, and I definitely want to use The Happy Dog again.

A Dog Washer

Very well worth it. Leo was extremely professional, was actually early to the appointment, has a great professional system, very knowledgeable about dogs, did a thorough job and price was competitive and very reasonable. A great value proposition if you consider the time and cost of bathing dogs ourselves, & we never do as good a job as a true professional. Would recommend without hesitation.