How much does a wedding cake cost?

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The average cost for a wedding cake designer is $230. You are likely to spend between $115 and $465 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated June 1st, 2017

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Wedding cakes come in a range of shapes, flavors and sizes, including the traditional stacked design, fruit-filled, individual cupcakes and many more. They can be a single layer cake, a cake with multiple stacks or even double-barrel stacks. Common flavors include vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, marble and strawberry with fondant, marzipan or buttercream frosting. Cakes can be decorated to match any theme or color palette. Several factors affect the cost of a wedding cake.

Number of servings

Most bakers price out wedding cakes by the slice. The number of guests invited to the wedding—or the number of slices of cake—direct affects the cost. Bake My Day in Dallas, Texas, prices for a single slice of cake range from $2.50 to $8, based on the complexity, size and design of the cake.


The price per slice may increase if the customer requests a special color that the baker must custom create for the frosting or cake batter.


Wedding cakes with multiple layers that are each a different flavor or with multiple filling options will typically cost more per slice than a cake with a simpler flavor profile. Also, cakes with organic or exotic ingredients will also generally cost more per slice than standard cakes.


Buttercream and fondant are the two most common wedding cake frostings. For couples looking to save, buttercream frosting is almost always less per slice than fondant. Fondant usually needs to be poured over a layer of buttercream, so the baker is actually making and applying two layers of frosting when using fondant. Here are some frosting price examples:

  • Specialty Cakes by Amanda in North Richland Hills, Texas:

    • $3.50+ per slice for wedding cake with buttercream frosting

    • $5+ per slice for wedding cake with fondant frosting
  • Sweet Confections Cakes in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:

    • $4+ per slice for wedding cake with buttercream frosting

    • $6+ per slice for wedding cake with fondant frosting

Cake delivery

Having the cake delivered to the reception site is another factor in the total cost of a wedding cake. Sweet Confections Cakes charges $50–$195 for delivery.

Pro tips:

  • Most bakers recommend paying for cake delivery, especially if it is a tall cake with multiple layers or elaborate decoration. That way the money spent on the cake isn’t lost when a nonprofessional attempts to move or assemble the pieces.

  • Bakers may offer lower-cost wedding cakes for budget weddings. Sweet Confections Cakes offers a simple white cake with white frosting starting at $3.50 per serving to accommodate budget-conscious brides and grooms.

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