How much does a wedding DJ cost?

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The average cost for a DJ is $390. You are likely to spend between $245 and $620 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated June 1st, 2017

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Wedding DJs can be hired to play music during a wedding ceremony, cocktail party, reception, or any other wedding-related events. The wedding DJ often serves as the event’s MC as well, announcing entrances and cueing wedding activities. Musical styles requested by wedding DJ clients include pop/rock, hip-hop/rap, country, Top 40, Latin, electronic dance music, oldies, Indian/Bollywood and more. A variety of factors affect the total cost of wedding DJ services.


In general, the longer the wedding and reception, the higher the overall cost. DJs typically charge more per hour at weddings than for standard events such as birthdays. For example, Afino Entertainment charges $125 per hour during wedding receptions but only $75 per hour for corporate events and proms.


Wedding DJs may quote a total cost for a wedding, or they may offer a price breakdown per service. Purchasing limited DJ services can be a way to lower costs if the DJ is only needed for certain parts of the day or if the venue already has a DJ system. Here’s how Afino Entertainment breaks down wedding DJ service pricing:

  • Mobile DJ booth: $250 (includes table, turntables, mixer, music, speakers, illuminated facade, wireless microphone, dance floor lighting and backup equipment​)

  • DJ Booth upgrade: $250 (larger speakers and two subwoofers)

  • Wedding DJ services during ceremony: $125

  • Wedding DJ services during remote ceremony: $175

  • Wedding DJ services during cocktail hour: $125

  • Wedding DJ services during reception: $125 per hour

Indoors versus outdoors

Costs may increase if the wedding DJ is required to set up outdoors because additional equipment such as power cords and other items may be needed. Afino Entertainment has a set rate of $50 for any outdoor event to cover tent rental and setup fees.


Many DJ companies provide lighting and special effects at an additional cost for use during the wedding ceremony or reception. Here’s Afino Entertainment’s pricing for add-on options:

  • Two CO2 cannons (for shooting fog, confetti, etc. into the air): $600

  • Black lights: $40 per light

  • Custom image projection: $250

  • Fog machine: $200

Special requests

Costs may be affected if the couple requests music that the DJ has to download or seek out beyond his or her existing music library.

Size of event

Large weddings may mean a higher DJ bill if additional speakers, microphones or upgraded sound equipment are required to properly serve the crowd.

Number of DJs

For all-day weddings or receptions that go late into the night, more than one DJ may be required to maintain a constant DJ presence. More people on the job will likely increase the cost of services.

DJ reputation

A well-known or highly sought after DJ often commands a higher fee than a DJ who is just starting out or who is not as well-known.

Travel time

Travel to and from the event site may result in travel fees, increasing the total cost of services. Some wedding DJs, such as Be Entertained Events, factor in travel-related costs to the total tab and do not charge an additional fee.

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